Monday, March 31, 2014

Concerts, Books, and Jesus


Sorry I've been out so long. These past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy.

Actually...if I'm being honest...

I've been reading a book series that was SUPER good. Finished it this morning. *Let the post book depression begin.*

I'll do another blog post dedicated to that series. For now I'll leave you with a link to where you can find them: Bailey Flanigan Series by Karen Kingsbury.

Moving on.

The last post I left you with was reflections on worship leading up to the Kari Jobe and Rend Collective concert.

I've yet to put my thoughts into words (besides my journal) because I didn't really know how to sum it all up.

Though I still don't have my mind completely around everything that happened (it was THAT awesome), I can say this.

Jesus was glorified.

He gave me healing.

As I stood beside two of my dearest friends and sang my heart out, I was beyond thankful for Him- for His love and grace and mercy.

We talked and laughed and made beautiful memories.

But most of all...we worshipped Jesus and stood in amazement of His oh-so-powerful Presence.

(The adorable Kari Jobe singing one of our favorites- Revelation Song)

See? It was such a beautiful, personal time with Jesus.

Just as we expected. 

It was nothing short of extraordinary.

The hotel folks asked if we were part of the American Girl Party. "Um," we paused to make sure they were looking at us, "No." But they gave us crowns and suckers anyway. It was fun.

All dressed up and ready for worship! (L to R, Jenna, me, and Caroline)

Kari Jobe and Chris from Rend Collective during the Q&A.

And that's Rend Collective. And yes, a girl is beating on the drums. She was awesome. 

At the end Rend Collective came back on with Kari Jobe and they had a jam session. 

So, there's the concert...

In words and pictures! 

I promise I'll be back soon.

Until then I'll be basking in the glory of the 70 degree weather we are currently enjoying. It's marvelous.

Keep trusting in Jesus and finding joy in His strength. 

Because He is so amazing. 


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