Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Giver Series: Book Review

Jonas- The Receiver of Memories. He has the capability to see beyond. He's only twelve. Yet he, unlike all others, has feelings. He knows love.

Kira- The Weaver. She can weave and embroider with her eyes closed, her hands moving without controlling them. Fifteen years old and orphaned, her gift brings more than she would ever imagine.

Matty- The Healer. He's a young boy with a passion for life, for animals, for people.

Claire- The Birthmother. The girl who has never known love until one day, she gives birth to a son who was taken abruptly from her.

These four characters in The Giver series sculpt the plot and make their place in your life- permanantly.

I just finished the last book in this series.

The first book in this series is The Giver. It's a captivating story about a village where people don't feel.

They are told who to marry. They are told what job they will take. Their lives are meaningless- lived day by day under the commands of the Chief Elder. Things are the same day after day. No surprises, no interruptions.

That is, until Jonas's Ceremony of Twelve. He is not assigned- he is selected. Selected to be the Receiver of Memories- a task not even he was aware existed.

The second book is Gathering Blue. 

Kira lives in a village of cruelty- a cruelty no one is aware of until they are deep in the middle of it.

Her gift of embroidery and weaving lead her to a place she would haven't dreamed of. There she meets Thomas, the carver, and together they discover what their village has been hiding from all of them.

It's something that Kira decides she's going to change.

The third book is Messenger. 

Matty is living with the Seer, the man who is blind but able to see in a way others are not.

They live in The Village, a village that welcomes those who are injured and hurt- those who are not welcomed in their own communities.

But one day, things begin to change. Leader finds himself in the face of a decision- one, in the end, made by the people. They want to shut the village to newcomers.

But Matty and the Seer can't do that. There's someone who must be rescued. And that could change everything- for all of them.

The final book to this series is Son. 

Claire was designated as Birthmother at her Ceremony of Twelve.

It's not what she thought- not what any of them thought. It's real pain. 

It's knowing love and pain and loss.

When her son is taken from her, her son that she has fallen in love with, she knows that she must find him.

Whatever the cost- she must find her Son.

I flew through these books. They aren't the type of books that I normally read.

But they were absolutely exceptional.

I LOVED this series.

And I think you will, too.

It's so fascinating and thought provoking.

They were great for an early summer read.

I highly suggest this quartet of books by Lois Lowry.

Read these books- you'll go places and find yourself in thought for days.


P.S. They're making a movie of The Giver and while it looks completely different from the book, I'm definitely going to go see it. It's one of the reasons I had to read the book- because I can't see a movie without reading the book. Nevertheless, I'm excited for the movie to come out!

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