Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Time is Now.

Last Thursday night I saw Cinderella. And it was such an amazing movie.

This afternoon I saw Insurgent. It was a really good movie.

But tonight I had the opportunity to hear from missionaries to the Middle East, Neil and Lindsey Broere. Along with personal testimonies, they shared a documentary film on their time in the Middle East.

And that was better than any movie I could ever watch.

Because when I left that theater today I wasn’t satisfied. We never are!

But when I was sitting in our church, listening to what God is doing in the lives of believers in the Middle East…the Holy Spirit was moving in me and showing me once again how incredibly powerful He is.

Cinderella had a wonderful, blue eyed Prince with a British accent.

Insurgent had really cool special effects.

But hearing men and women who used to be muslim, used to live in darkness say things like, “I heard you were true Christians and when I saw you- I saw the difference” my heart rejoiced in the salvation so many of them have found and the incredibly powerful testimonies from countless people.

On the other hand…I ached knowing that these hundreds of thousands of people in refugee camps live in darkness day after day without knowing the hope and light of Jesus Christ…

As one of the local pastors said, “They are starving…”

They are starving for hope. These women are starving for love and to be freed from the shame that they live in day after day. They are starving for a personal relationship with the God who loves them…and who they know so little of.

I loved what Neil said in the video (I’m quoting it as closely as possible), “What happens when laid down believes battle and face the darkness in the Middle East?”

And likewise, all over the world.

We are called to live fully surrendered lives.

It makes NO sense for Neil and Lindsey, who is pregnant with their fourth child, to move to the Middle East as missionaries. It’s not safe. It doesn’t follow the American dream.

But how much greater our God is than any of those things.

Like the line of my favorite Rend Collective song says, “I do not need safety as much as I need you. You’re dangerous but Lord you’re beautiful.”

Tonight I was reminded of my own calling. The calling He has placed on my life for so long that I have only become more sure of with each passing year.

Someday I will go somewhere else. Someday I will not live in America. I will live somewhere else to share His hope and His light with people who do not know Him.

But right now…right now He is calling me to do things, too. Like they said in the documentary, “The time is NOW.”

Right now I can shine for Him in this very place that I am in. I don’t have to look to the future to know when I can be used for Him. I can be used for Him right here, right now…in every moment and opportunity He blesses me with.

I ask you to visit Neil and Lindsey’s website and take a look further into the heart of what they will be doing in the future and what God is doing in the Middle East right now. This family is so amazing and God is doing such mighty things through them. I am so thankful for the example of godly surrender they set for me and so many others.

I love their heart for these people and their heart for the Lord.

Visit their website:

There you can find them on facebook, instagram and twitter.

I encourage you to do this and be amazed at how great our God is!

May we ever remember that He is always moving, even if darkness is all that we can see…He is always there, shining His light, preparing His bride to come to Him.

And just knowing that He allows us to be part of His plan, showing people His love and His's the greatest privilege.


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