Friday, April 3, 2015

I sat at my desk this morning, reading the account of the crucifixion in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. In that moment I let myself breathe in deep, letting my heart become heavy with the realization that my Savior carried all of my sin to the cross.

It's a good Friday.

This afternoon I wrapped up yet another English assignment and I felt victorious. Only one more left this semester. 

It's a good Friday. 

Just two hours ago Sonia and I sat outside drawing princesses and carriages and ballerinas while listening to Disney music. The wind blew and the sky was blue like cotton candy. 

It's a good Friday.

But I sit here tonight and I write a short post. 

It was dark. Jesus is THE light...yet it was dark for hours on end. 

Because many years ago my Jesus had nails in His hands, in His feet...they pierced His side. They placed a crown of thorns upon His brow.

The veil was torn- split in two. 

Tetelestai- It is finished. 

He was dead. They put His body in a tomb. 

His Father looked away because our sins- all of my sins- were piled upon Him. 

Scripture tells us clearly that He was mocked, He was betrayed...He did no wrong. He was perfect.

Yet they crucified Him...because He loved us. Because He wanted us to be free from the chains of sin and shame. 

May we celebrate that in three days...death He defeated. The grave held no power. And our Jesus, He is forever victorious in all of our lives. 

"For God so loved the world..."

Today it is Friday. 

Today it is a good Friday...

Because Sunday is coming.

Praise the Lord!


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