Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bailey Flanigan Series: Book Review

So remember that book series I mentioned a while back? And how I promised to do a post on it?

Well, this is it.

I have to say that I refused to read Karen Kingsbury for the longest time because my grandmothers read Karen Kingsbury and that just seemed a bit weird.

However, my mom got me one of her books last summer before I left for Uganda. She bought it because of the title- Leaving, The Bailey Flanigan Series 

The main character's name is Bailey, so she bought it for me. I didn't have time to read it while we were there and since then I hadn't tried it because, you know, teenagers don't read Karen Kingsbury.

A couple weeks ago I was absolutely desperate for something to read. There that book was on my shelf. Staring me in the face with it's pretty hardback cover and lovely crisp, cream pages...

So I read the first couple chapters. Though I wasn't too crazy about her writing(it was in third person...I prefer first), I was hooked with the story and I couldn't wait to see what would happen.

I read almost half of it in one sitting. *Ask my mom, it's true.*

That night before bed, I opened my computer and looked it up only to find out that it was a FOUR BOOK SERIES.

I hadn't paid attention to the bold words on the cover- Bailey Flanigan Series

But now that I had begun...I was gonna have to finish it.

I'm not a super fast reader but within a week and a half I had finished the first book. The day after I finished it I made a trip to the library to pick up books two and three- Learning and Longing. It was a Tuesday...and no, I don't know why I remember that.

By Friday night I had finished the second one and Saturday morning I woke up and started the third.

I do believe by the next Tuesday I had finished Longing and was on my way back to the library.

When I held that final book in my hands, I felt this amazing sense of accomplishment. But I was also really sad because there wasn't another book after this. I already felt myself dying a little bit on the inside.

As I read the first page, I was so sure I knew JUST what was going to happen. Two days later- I felt like my world was being turned upside down. *Again, ask my mom, she'll tell you.*


And it was KILLING me. By Friday night things were okay again and I had less than one hundred pages left...a beautiful conclusion underway.

I made those last one hundred pages last FOUR DAYS...mainly because I couldn't bear parting with those characters and moving on. *I know. I'm a nerd.*

In the end, I absolutely LOVED all four books. {Number 3, Longing, was my favorite.}

These were the kind of books that fill you with every kind of emotion possible.

I laughed. I {almost} cried. I was devastated..I rejoiced. After the last page, I was filled with happiness.

This series, no matter how old you are, is one worth reading.

The plot is enthralling. The characters beyond lovable. Each page seems like a new adventure and it's magical. It begins with a girl named Bailey seeking God's plan for her life. (Sounds a lot like me!) She pursues her dream. She glorifies God. She finds love in the most unexpected place.

But through the whole thing she pursues God and His plan...and it just so happens to end with an amazing happily ever after.

Over and over and over again, Mrs. Kingsbury reminds us that our story is God's story in the first place. We are His children. Girls: we are His precious daughters! We are a treasure to Him.

So, this summer if you're in need of something to read- run to the library and pick up this series. You'll be glad you did.


Oh. And Mrs. Kingsbury, I owe you an apology. I judged your books by their cover and I'm sorry! I love the way you tell stories. They were beautiful and I loved them. Thank you for following God's calling and writing.

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